bobcats & javelinas bobcats & javelinas Bobbie Bobbie was about 8 weeks old in this pic. His mom was hit by a car. 24439179 Bobbie Bobbie at 3 months old, not a happy camper! 24439180 Bobbie 24439181 Bobbie all grown up Bobbie is all grown up and ready to take on the world. 24439182 Bobbie released He took time to stop and smell the flowers on the way out. 24439183 Bye Bye! Success! 24439184 Spongebob Spongebob was my first patient ever! He was hit by a car but thankfully made a full recovery and was released. He got the name spongebob because he kept tipping his water dish on him. 24439185 Calvin & Hobbs Calvin & Hobbs came to me from the Hobbs area of NM in the Summer of 2009. Their mom had been hit by a car and they ended up here. They will do quite well when released as they are quite wild! They are pretty small being about 3 pounds on admission (not exactly willing to step on the scale for me though so that is an estimate). 44048277 Calvin The more red kitten from Calvin and Hobbs he is larger than Hobbs. 44048276 Hobbs The smaller more darkly colored of the two kittens 44048278 Calvin & Hobbs grown up Calvin is up on the fence Hobbs is standing to the left. 76127006 Calvin released 76127007 Hobbs released 76127008 Harvey Bottle feeding is quite the experience they are very rough on the bottles and the nipples, I go through quite a few to get a javelina raised. Doesn't he look peaceful though. 24439186 Not much bigger than the bottle 24439187 Harvey Harvey was 4 pounds and the size of a large potato when he came in. His mother had been hit by a car making him an orphan. 24439188 24439189 Harvey released Free at last for Harvey! 24439191 Biscuit Biscuit came to me from Ft. Davis we have no idea what happened to her mom. She arrived the day after Thanksgiving and was just cute as a biscuit! 24439192 Biscuit Released Bye Bye Biscuit! I am happy to report that the landowner said that about 3 days after release she was accepted by the local herd! Yeah, Biscuit! 34462104 walks We go for walks to help the little ones explore their world and learn about their environment 24439193 Juanita released Bye Bye! 24439194 Free at last! 24439195 "Pet" javeina This little girs was kept as a pet until she started biting the hands that fed her. Her "family" wisely decided she was better off at the zoo than as a pet. While javelinas can be cute as babies they do get aggressive as they get older and do not make good pets. This little girl currently resides at the Clovis, NM zoo. 69427962