Alpine Meadows Wildlife Rehab

Meet Socks! Socks is an integral part of our rehabilitation of fawns. Fawns normally come in to the center very young and are initially kept inside the center where they are safe and protected. But as soon as they are old enough we turn them loose into a large pen. The center is located in the country where there are many wild predators. This is where Socks comes in- she has the wonderful role of surrogate mother and protector to the fawns. Llamas have been used for a long time to protect various herds from coyotes and other predators. They have a strong dislike of canines that is natural to them. We have many wild coyotes and roaming dogs out here and Socks is wonderful at protecting her  charges from them. She has a strong mother instinct, which provides comfort the the little ones, and often entertainment for them as they chew and pull on her fur. The fawns love to snuggle in close to her. She is an important part of our fawn rehabilitation!

Thank you to Dorsey Ranch for donating Socks to the center! The fawns are nice and safe and love their "mama" If you are ever in the area of Springer, NM please make an appointment to visit Dorsey Ranch and see the llamas and historic home. And if you are ever looking to purchase a llama I encourage you to look into them for your llama needs.